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New York Times Feature on Therapeutic Benefits of Cats

I’m thrilled to share with you that I’ve been quoted in an article in The New York Times on animal-assisted therapy! The article by Jennifer Kingson discusses therapy animals, with a special emphasis on cats, and it mentions my experience with my own cats during my cancer treatment.

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4 thoughts on “New York Times Feature on Therapeutic Benefits of Cats”

  • Great article, Kate! Cat lovers appreciate the joy that our furry companions contribute to our lives. The naysayers are not cat people.

  • Excellent article Kate! Cats have quite a few advantages that people don’t mention. There are simple ones like the fact that they’re generally smaller than dogs and they’re also less needy. I have horrific PTSD but any one of my cats will sleep next to me for hours and the fact that they’re just there is very comforting. And purring – there is nothing better than a cat purring. It’s the best sound in the world. xx

  • Wonderful article, Kate! All of us who love cats and share life with them are truly blessed to have the therapeutic benefits of C.A.T. *Cat-Assisted Therapy* — there are so many! and only cats give them to us, along with their UNCONDITIONAL loyalty and love.

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