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Detoxification is the process of removing unwanted build up in our bodies from the foods we eat, the chemicals we come in contact with, the pollution we breathe and the hormones our own bodies secrete when we are living out of balance. Toxins cause inflammation, headaches, aches and pains, and ultimately lead to chronic illness.

When our system becomes completely overloaded, it needs a little help to get back to a healthy state. There are tons of different detox programs, these are a few that I have found to be effective.

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Juice Fasting

When juice fasting, you consume only liquids in order to allow your body to absorb all the nutrients without needing to expend energy digesting solid food. This frees up extra energy so the body can rid itself of unwanted toxins.

Juice fasting can last just a day or two, or you can extend it up to 30 days or more, under proper supervision of a doctor.

I really enjoy juice fasting. It’s a great tool for breaking addictions, like sugar and caffeine. I find it helpful to have a good book on the topic and I re-read it every time I start a fast. There are a lot of great resources out there to help you try juice fasting for yourself. Here are some of my favorites.


Juice Fasting & Detoxification
by Steve Meyerowitz

This is my favorite book to read when I’m juice fasting. It is a classic, originally written in 1984, but I love how it motivates me to stick to the fast. It gives a great overview of why we juice fast and how to get into it and how to transition back to solid food.

Available on Amazon


Joe Cross

Joe Cross made one of my favorite documentaries, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. This is the story of how Joe brought himself back from a state of chronic illness to excellent health by juice fasting. It’s a fantastic story and now there’s a sequel, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2.

Joe also has several books on juicing and his website has tons of great resources for anyone looking to improve their health.


Check out Joe’s books on Amazon, where you can also buy is documentaries on DVD, or you can watch the first one for free at


This topic is not for everyone. I certainly wasn’t interested the first time I heard about it, but I learned that it can be a very important tool for detoxification. I’ve been getting colonics for almost 20 years, usually in conjunction with a juice fast but now for deeper cleansing.

It’s critical to find a well-trained and experienced colon hydrotherapist. Colon hydrotherapy is being offered in more and more places these days, and the technicians are not always well-trained and there isn’t a standard certification, as far as I know. I-ACT the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy is a professional organization that offers training programs and referrals to trained therapists.

If you are in Phoenix, I recommend Mariana Riley with Wholly Shit Hydrotherapy.

Dry Brushing

This is a simple and harmless thing that you can do to stimulate your lymphatic system and promote detoxification — and it feels great! Before showering, use a natural bristle body brush and gently brush your entire body. Start with the hands and feet and always brushing toward the heart. This will also help to remove dead skin and break up cellulite.

Most body brushes are made with boar bristles, but if you are looking for a vegan alternative, try this brush:

Vegan Body Brush
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Warming Sock Treatment

This is a folk remedy, but I tell you, when I do this, I feel fantastic the next morning! It’s simple and free!

You’ll need two pairs of socks, one pair of very light 100% cotton socks, and one pair of heavy, thick wool socks, a larger size is helpful.

Before you go to bed, thoroughly soak the cotton socks in cool water and wring them out so they are not dripping, then put them on (this part is unpleasant, I know!) Then put the dry wool socks on over the wet cotton socks. I recommend getting into bed before you put either of the socks on because if you walk around with them both on the water will soak into the wool socks.

As you sleep, your feet will alternately heat up and cool off throughout the night, increasing your circulation dramatically. You will wake up completely refreshed and with two pairs of dry socks on.

This remedy is recommended if you feel a cold coming on or anytime you are feeling under the weather. The increased circulation helps your body to move toxins through the system.

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